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About the Programme

CANUTE Startup Programme is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our vision with the programme is to provide you with a useful network and knowledge for your launch in a foreign market that it would otherwise take you months to build. During three days, you will talk to investors, marketing agents, recruitment specialists and extend your knowledge on coworking spaces in the city and legal setup of your business and most important: get to know other Danish scale-ups that have already launched in the market.


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Get an overview of relevant offices, events and networks to join when moving to the city as an entrepreneur. We will visit co-working spaces and host our own networking event where you will meet startups and businesses that are already in the market.


Startups and businesses will be sharing tons of experience from launching in the market. From Danish tech businesses with +200 employees in their local office to smaller scale-ups who have launched in the city this year.


Learn about fundraising from local international investors and hear investment stories from other startups. The programme ends with half a day of pitching and feedback with local based Angels and VCs followed by networking in the Danish Ambassador's residence


Learn about cultural differences between Denmark and this specific market when it comes to sales, office culture, management style and dress code. Knowledge that will save you from many unfortunate situations when launching your business internationally!


Recruiting talent is one thing in your home market and a whole other game when doing it internationally. We will connect you with experiences people who will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as we did! From your first local sales representative to a new advisory board member, we will cover it. .


Tax, VAT, payslips, EIS.. All subjects you have to get your head around when setting up your business internationally. We will set you up with the right people who will guide you through the jungle – feel free to send specific questions before the session.




- Networking reception at The Danish Embassy with international investors
- Transport around the city for three days
- Dinner the first night
- Lunch all three days

7500 DKK

(Up to two people per scale-up)


Mia Grosen headshot

Mia Grosen

Founder of CANUTE. Previously Founded Comundu and was UK lead for LuggageHero. Now works for The Danish Trade Council in Copenhagen where she's responsible for the CANUTE programmes globally.

Nicolaj Nielsen headshot

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor speaker, writer and lector at CBS. Lives in Copenhagen.

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